Bläsiring 150, CH-4057 Basel
7 Rue René Blum, FR- 75017 Paris
Juniorslaan 56, BE-2811 Leest



4 Houses, Cruseilles, FR (with Jean Marie Vaulot), schematic design
Art & Nails, Busan Biennale, Busan, KR (with Fabian Marti), completed
Competition, Lausanne, CH (with Fabian Marti), invited competition  

Renovation of a one-family house, Basel, CH, completed
A Black Mountain Closet, ZHdk, Zurich, CH (with Common Interest,) completed
French Pavilion, Biennale, Venice, IT (with Bruther, Laurent Stalder, Carlotta Daro), competition
A Pavilion, Swiss Art Awards, Basel, CH, 1st Prize, completed
Ten Tables + One, Bern, CH, invited competition (with Fabian Marti), 1st Prize, under construction

La rade, Geneva, CH (with Barbara Macaes Costa), competition
Belgenmonument, Amersfoort, NL, competition
Les Glariers, Theater, Aigle, CH, competition
Werkhof, Bulach, CH (with Weyell Zipse Architekten), competition
TILT, Renens, CH, Installation, completed
A cupboard, Paris, FR, completed

Renovation of an apartment, Brussels, BE, under construction
Pavilion for a school, Looren, CH (with Fabian Marti), invited competition

RR, Renovation of a one family house, Mechelen, BE, under construction
Scenography, Witte De With gallery, Rotterdam, NL (with Fabian Marti), completed

Scenography, Forde gallery, Geneva, CH (with Fabian Marti), completed
School, Féchy, CH, (with Schenk Hattori), competition
Burned Pavilion, Echigo-Tsumari, JP (with Barbara Macaes Costa), competition

Tokyo Study, JP, research

V&W, Summerhouse, Ostuni, IT, completed


Swiss Art Awards (architecture), Basel, CH



Round Table: exposer l’architecture, F’AR, Lausanne, CH, 22/11/17
Alienation = Abstraction & Specificty, Buenos Aires Biennale, AR, 10/10/17
Industrial Arcadia Israel, Architecture as Ecological Object, Basel, CH. 20/02/17

3 Installations, 2 Monuments, ... , Lausanne, CH, 29/11/16
Pink & Blue, TEOK, Basel, CH, 08/11/16
Alienation & Abstraction, University of Antwerp, BE, 29/04/16
Nostalgic Venice, The paradox of preservation, Basel, CH, 23/02/16

Iceland, the aesthetic of industrial environment, Basel, 23/02/15



 ‘17 Workshop IDW: Displacement, University Of Antwerp, BE
‘16 Workshop IDW: Resilience, University Of Antwerp, BE


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Epfl, Lausanne, UE Carthography prof Harry Gugger/Barbara Costa

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